How to Clean Carpet

Only because Christmas is out the way I shall talk about carpet cleaning, guess we could all do with it

Synthetic fibers, the carpet is a warm jacket and quiet for any room in the house, bathroom included. Naturally it requires a very accurate maintenance. We see in this guide how to care for and keep clean the carpet.

Clean Carpet Instructions

1.    First pass it with a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner to prevent dust from ruining it lurks at the bottom, without insisting too much on the joints that could come unstuck. To set the frequency according to type (for example, that shaved holds less dust) and local (the children’s room and the bathroom should be cleaned every day).

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2.    To brighten up the colors. Skip the carpet with a clean white cloth dampened with water and ammonia (1 tablespoon per liter) or warm water and alcohol (three quarters and one quarter). Instead of cloth you can use a brush or scrubbing. Thorough cleaning. The best thing is to turn to specialized firms that use special steam machines (also rented). A system is the use of dry shampoo but in the long run ruin the carpet because the normal vacuum can not suck completely and deposits remain on the bottom.

3.    In any case, after cleaning, waiting to walk on the carpet until it is completely dry. Spotting. The modern carpet stain is treated with great advantage for the maintenance, but if you happen to pour something sportando it shortly as possible the substance with a spoon or a knife, dab with a cloth or paper towels, changing them until you remain clean and dry.

4.    When you cut the carpet does not rub too much to not spread the stain, do not press enter to stop it even more, use rags always spotless, white or cotton, or better yet, a clipping of the same carpet, changing them as they get dirty. Before using a solvent test it on a remnant of carpet to check for color fastness.

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